Leif Firnhaber

Born in Paraguay, grew up between south America, Germany and Spain. Based in Brussels since 2008.

Leif Firnhaber has mainly been active as a (movement) artist, Dancer, Photographer, Teacher, Choreographer, Assistant & rehearsal director, Coach and independent producer.

He has worked on or behind stage and collaborated with many companies and artists in the international arena of contemporary dance, such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Damien Jalet, David Zambrano, Michelle Anne de Mey [Charleroi-Danses], Opera Houses [Luxembourg, Antwerp & Ghent], Cie. Jozef Trefeli [Switzerland] and many lesser known artists.

Leif is involved in healing modalities through the vibratory nature of the physical / energetic human body, using Water, Breath-work, Sound healing (biofield tuning), massage, Phyto- & Aromatheraphy.